One to one Yoga lessons with Alexander Technique, in Manor House, Finsbury Park, London N4, N8, N16

I've offered one to one lessons as long as I've been teaching yoga. It's often overlooked as a way of gaining experience in yoga. I've always enjoyed the chance to go into personalised material in more depth and tailor a custom lesson according to need.

I work with supporting you at where you're at, giving you the chance to develop your awareness of movement in general as well as asana in particular.

I've taught a range of students in the one to one format, from people with injuries to other yoga teachers wanting more guidance on the co-ordination and integration aspects of asana work

You will need to wear loose comfortable clothing, I suggest normal work out gear such as jogging pants and t shirt.

If you're a beginner or are just curious, why not sign up for my 5-lesson series?

You’ll get a discount if you pay for them all at once, it will be £40 a lesson, £200 in total.

Learning yoga or the Alexander technique is something that takes years. These sessions will give you an essential flavour of the work.

Here's what you’ll cover:

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