Yoga and the Alexander Technique, Saturday 24th February 2018, 10am to 1pm

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Cost is £28. There is an early bird discount of £22 if you apply before 1st February 2018

At its best, the Alexander technique is a conversation in elegant simplicity. For me, there 3 key elements in the Alexander technique

Head / spine relationship
Alexander teachers have done a lot of experimenting was done over the last 100 odd years into how to pay attention to that very delicate and easily upset connection between head and spine without disrupting ground support, breath or connection to environment and the people in it.

What they discovered is that a small movement in your head relative to your spine produces a global release right the way through your whole body. That release goes beyond that to put you into a different orientation and relationship to the ground and the environment. They discovered that the head / spine relationship is a key relationship in our body that not only helps movement but also is a reliable guide to general human health and happiness.

There are many such key relationship in our body, our hara centre (our centre of gravity) is another one.

Guided touch
The Alexander technique excels in guided touch that awakens tensegrity. Jeremy Chance, an Alexander teacher trainer, says that this guided touch is something that can’t be faked. It’s the opposite of a manipulative, coercive touch. Bruce Fertman, an Alexander teacher of over 40 years experience, says

Alexander teachers excel in creating what I refer to as “tensegral support.” It’s the support system that creates the hallmark experience of kinesthetic lightness, the sense of suspension.

Body mapping
Body mapping offers the opportunity to bring the more anatomical approaches into a more thoughtful reflective approach which combines movement, function, anatomy and emotion in one package. It looks at what our internal map of our body is and then asks how we feel about that.

And lastly, it offers a way of having an informed thoughtful discussion about the 3 dimensional complex interactions between mind and body which makes movement in general an interesting human activity to think about. And yoga has lots of movements which are really interesting to practice, discuss and generally be fascinated by!

We will be doing some simple vinyasas (flowing sequences) and asana as part of the class.

It is suitable for yoga practitioners of 1 year of more of yoga experience.

If you are a complete beginner, please call me to discuss whether this workshop would be suitable for you

Click here to apply for this workshop

The workshop will be limited to 5 people

Please contact me on 07815 797 645 for further details.

Travel: It is about 10 minutes walk from Manor House tube station (Piccadilly Line). It is about 5 minutes from the 29/341/141 bus stop on Hermitage Road/Green Lanes intersection.