Student Testimonials / Reviews

Susannah - The classes have helped me learn to cut off from my everyday life and go within which has been very stress relieving

Jo - I find Kevin's class very beneficial on a physical and mental level. Since starting the class I have noticed a calmness in my personality and an increase in my strength and posture

James - A really enjoyable, relaxing and focussed course. A little haven from the everyday rush

Clare - Best yoga class I've done - and I've tried a few. Got much more out of this class. The small group size means more focus on getting body position right. I'd had neutral wrong for years! Now I feel much more aligned. Thanks!

Rowan - I feel I've found someone who can teach me 'real' yoga

Lorraine - I felt the class to be very informative and being a complete beginner, at a pace which I fully understood

Maura - I have more awareness of my posture and with slight adjustments I can immediately feel more grounded and centred in my body

Milena - This course really helped me understand my body and my breathing. I feel more relaxed in general, not just after each class. Learning how to focus in my breathing has been very useful in stressful siutations, and I learned that here. Thank you!

Simon - I am sure Kevin has x-ray vision - he has highlighted 2 areas in my body to let go of tension in through the work I have done with him - which surprised me and feels very nourishing and freeing to on it further

Manuela - I enjoyed very much the workshop on Saturday the 5th, thank you. I got a lot out of it, you came across many points that were complete new to me, I keep thinking about them and try to remember and use them into everyday activities.

Adam - Very good value and a useful refresher of a subject (Alexander Technique) I studied a long time ago.