Workshop results, Yoga and Alexander Technique, February 2018

It was a freezing cold day so rather having a talking session to introduce myself and the work, we started with some physical movement to get some circulation going.

Then we did some body mapping games with head and pelvis. These were to introduce ideas about the importance of the head spine relationship. And for people to get in touch with asymmetries in their pelvis’s relationship with the ground and their spine.

We did a sequence using the effortless rest/lying down procedure to get in touch with the larger muscles of the body in the legs while having the head fully supported.

Afterwards, we all walked around. Some people noticed some differences in terms of having a more aligned pelvis and an easier relationship with their head.

I had originally planned a lot of restorative poses but the cold meant that everyone wanted to move. So we did some simple movements and a few yoga poses. Then did a long restorative svasana (everyone was wrapped in 2 blankets!)

In the last part of the class, I invite the participants to work one to one with me. Most people had brought many different things. One guy wanted to work on meditation sitting crossed legged and also with tension in his ja. Then one woman wanted to work on arms swings and child’s pose. Finally, another woman wanted to work on sitting cross legged.

Managed to remember to start from saying what I liked about it. Then went on to explore. Found that both the people who were sitting cross legged were locking in their hip joints, had no experience or skill in setting up a self-adjusting, micro movements between legs and pelvis.

I found that the common thread in all the individual work was that everyone had lots of ‘shoulds’ in their idea of the movement. And those ‘shoulds’ were creating tension for them.

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