Workshop on vision, brain and movement

I did a 3 hour workshop in September 2017 on brains, vision and movement. I wanted to see if there was a way of combining 3 disciplines that I’ve studied for a while, Yoga, The Alexander Technique and Eyebody. It was the first time I had brought some ideas about how our brain works into a workshop.

We spent an hour playing around with noticing the difference between what the way that our bodies actually worked as opposed to how we had grown up thinking that they worked. This is the Alexander technique concept of body mapping. I did a whistle stop tour head/tail and then legs and arms.

We figured out where the top of our head was, the bottom (hint: it isn’t the bottom of the jaw). Then we did head / body games to figure out how our heads actually rested on the top of our spine.

Then we figured out where our brain was. Everyone closed their eyes and pointed to their brain. Differed a lot, some people pointed to their forehead. Others to the back or middle of head. As a teacher, that for me was one of the interesting learning points, that we all have very different ideas about what our brain is.

It made me realise that for me now, my brain is inside my whole head and it has a long tail of nervous system running down my spine with nerves branching out to every part of my body.

We did another hour, this time with a simple sun salutation from Yoga. We were exploring what it was like to embody the Eyebody principle of vision leads, brain, eye and body follows.

The last part of the class was on activities that everyone brought to the class.

Two people in the class wanted to work on a computer. The common theme for both people was how they interfered with their arm structure. What I noticed as was, the act of focussing on the screen ended up with both people tightening their shoulders because they had disconnected to the arm support from below. I needed to remind them that the bottom most muscle of their arms actually goes into their tail, that most of the superficial muscle layer of the back of our bodies is arm. Once I had brought this back into their body through guided touch, they were both able to notice a difference.

One chap was a motor cycle courier and wanted to work with this. We worked a lot with being alert and yet relaxed. I helped him with some guided touch around neck and shoulders and that helped him find some space within his shoulders and arms.

Then somebody wanted to work on a the cobra pose in Yoga. Like many people who try this pose, I noticed that the moment that weight was put on the hands, she tightened up. I suggested finding more support from below by lengthening out legs.

I asked people what was useful about the workshop. People found things like left / right eye connection, the body mapping and the linking of vision to movement useful.

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