Is there one thing that can make your life a bit easier right now?

I was a student on an Alexander technique retreat in July and I decided to offer a morning yoga class. So, for 4 consecutive mornings I lead a one hour class.

The overall theme was working with core stability in relationship to ground, gravity, space and the light. Quite a bit of the class was done lying down on the floor. I was careful to keep offering students the right to make a change in the pose if that change suited them better. At least, that’s what I thought I was doing.

On the last day, I got them to do a long lying down session. We started off fine and then I noticed one young woman becoming progressively more fidgety. No problem, I thought, I’m sure she’ll modify the pose if it’s uncomfortable for her.

We reached the end of the class and she came over to me and asked me ‘that was really uncomfortable, is there anything I can do about that?’ The problem was her sacrum at the back of her pelvis. Lying on the ground didn’t feel good.

The solution was a simple folded blanket under her pelvis.

Instant change for the better.

It made me realise that even with lots of encouragement, we all tend to hold on to stuff that makes us feel bad, even though the solution to it is often simple and readily available.

So that’s my question to you:

Is there something that’s making you feel pain? (Whether physical or psychological).

Could you stop doing that right now and empower yourself to choose a simple solution that’s right there in front of you?

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