Working with wholeness, how to remember you are already whole?

I’m in an Alexander Technique lesson in 2017 and I’ve got my forearms on the table. My teacher is asking me to pay attention to the opposition between my fingers lengthening forward on the table and my legs and feet lengthening down to the ground.

All this is AT jargon for remembering to be whole in any action that we do.

We can just remember that we’re whole. That’s a good start.

When we remember that our wholeness includes a relationship between parts of us, then that idea of wholeness become richer. Oppositions are a way to remember wholeness by paying attention to two things at once, head against feet. Or left hand against right hand.

It’s a great way of bringing tone into a movement. And it’s a great way of reminding ourselves that we tend to rush. When we rush, we are usually preoccupied with a small part of the thing we are doing.

Have fun with oppositions, an elegant way to remember that you are whole!

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