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Yoga and working with pain

Friday, April 1st, 2011

Yoga and pain are sometimes associated with each other – students do yoga and experience pain. This video by yoga teacher and author Susi Hately explores what’s really happening in your body and gives some suggestions about how to get out of pain.

She writes an excellent e-zine on yoga and anatomy. Pain and getting out of pain is regular theme of her writing and her site is worth checking out.

Yoga and pain

Monday, August 3rd, 2009

flowersIn theory (and hopefully in practice), yoga and pain are not two words that should go together.

A mindful practice is one which you enjoy every movement, where every asana is pain free.

OK, lecture over. The reality is that a lot of people suffer from aches and pains in yoga. They feel a lot better for doing it but somehow there are mysterious pains which don’t easily go away.

A great site for exploring what to do with your practice when this happens is .

It’s written and maintained by Paul Ingraham, a Vancouver based massage therapist. He’s put up some very informative and well written articles on body work and exercise. Well worth a visit.