Yoga and lying down to rest poses

There are lots of ways of lying down to support your body. Here are some suggestions about how to support yourself lying down so that you can be fully restored when you get up. The idea is that your body is so well supported that it can’t help but let go. It’s like putting a fish in the water, it can’t help but swim.

Lying on the floor on a yoga mat. Your body adapts to the surface and there’s no props needed.Resting, meditating on a yoga mat in svasana

Using props for support. This suggestion comes from Judith Hanson Lasater and I’ve used to to really help a lot of my students find peace and calm in their lying position. You will need a bolster under your knees, a book or yoga block under your head, blocks under your hands and a blanket under your heels. The most important to get right? Support your head. Without head support, your body just won’t let go. The eyebags over your eyes are optional, they allow your busy brain to calm down and switch off.
Lying, meditating with props in svasanaLying, meditating in svasana, using eyebags to cover the eyes

Lying on your front. It’s great to have contact with a bolster underneath the front of your body, it helps your organs relax.
Lying on front to meditate, to restore and rest

Side lying. This is a great option when lying on your back or front are uncomfortable. The important bit again is support your head. Put a bolster or cushion between your knees. Using a cushion or block under your elbow helps make your arms comfortable.
Lying on side to restore, to meditate and to rest

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