Workshop, Saturday 25th November 2017, Creating a yoga practice

When we start to practice yoga, we generally do someone else’s practice. We go to a class and we do the poses. Many people find this an enriching and empowering experience. Some find that these practices suit them and they can continue them as a life long practice.

But after a while, we can notice that there are gaps in these practices, we can get stuck, even end up trying to do a practice which injures us.

So this class is about creating your own practice by looking at your life as it is right now and then figuring what you truly need (as opposed to what you think you need) and then setting up ways to get those needs met. It will include:

  • Looking at the basics, how you stand, you walk, you lie down and sit. These are areas which most of us do in ways that create suffering and extra stress 
  • Setting up simple and effective ways to know your own body without become overwhelmed with anatomical information 
  • Setting up ways to integrate how we see with how we move. 
  • Looking at yoga poses that come from a deep understanding of your body and allow you to grow. Rather than retrofitting a yoga pose on to an already stressed body and then wondering why it doesn’t seem to be working 
  • Looking at the psychology of practice, how to use insights from neuroscience, psychology and the wisdom traditions to set up a practice that is simple, satisfying and possible for you to do enjoyably and well. 

If you are a teacher, this approach is also very useful for generating further material for your classes, or just helping a student solve a particular issue that they bring to class

If you are a student this approach is useful for developing your practice further and bringing you the results that you want.

The workshop will be based on insights from the ways that Alexander technique and Eyebody can help a yoga practice.

It will contain a mixture of guided movements/poses and then will have some space for personal work on poses within the group setting.

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