Does your computer control your life and cause you shoulder pain?

Like everyone I am dependent on computers in my life. Recently, I switched on my computer only to see a white screen. It froze. Nothing. Several repeated efforts and calls to the customer helpline and it was still not working.

So like most people, I instantly panicked and froze. All the things that I needed to do on the computer now couldn’t be done! And of course, it happened just at the most inconvenient time. It happened when I was in a bit of a hurry, when I needed to really be doing a lot of work and getting through some stuff.

What was I afraid of? I was afraid that all my hard work has disappeared. That all the stuff that was in the computer was something that I couldn’t access.

Then I connected to an exploration I started 4 years ago about working on computers. Was it true? Is it true that all the stuff that I’ve worked on so hard had disappeared?

Wait a minute, who was it that did all this work? Was it me? Where was the work? Perhaps that work was in me rather than in my computer.

If that was the case, the computer was a place where I store my work, a convenient place to enter all the stuff and I’m working on.

It’s a tool that we use.

It felt odd to think like this. It was liking waking up from a stressful dream or breaking a major taboo. I had gotten confused and believed that part of my brain exists in the computer. I had believed that I can only connect to other people through the computer. The tightness in my shoulders and arms started to melt away.

In the event, I had a couple of hours of stress and inconvenience spread out over a few days. Then I searched for backups. I switched to an older machine and was able to actually get going again. And if not to complete the work and at least be on the way to completing my work.

In my experience, the worst that can happen from a computer failure is that some people are mildly inconvenienced. They have to wait a bit longer for something than they would like. That’s not great, particularly if there’s money involved. But no one I know has died from having to wait a little longer for a digital thingie.

It wasn’t a seamless process. I went up and down a few times (especially when I got the repair bill – ouch!). In the end it was fine. It was a very stressful few days and a good reminder to have backups.

But perhaps the best backup I’ll ever have is the certain knowledge that I’ll be fine no matter what. That my true knowledge and understanding will always be with me. Its form will be different, it will feel different and at the same time, it’ll always be there.

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One Response to “Does your computer control your life and cause you shoulder pain?”

  1. Maria A do Prado says:

    That’s a very interesting take on computers. I like it! Best wishes, Maria