Are you being honest in your yoga practice?

I went and had a massage recently with someone who is also a craniosacral therapist. We talked in the beginning and agreed that there would be a little bit of cranio to help a particular issue. The massage part went well. The cranio, not so much.

The problem was that I wasn’t completely honest. Me and cranio don’t really get along. But, I sometimes think that I should make use of it because it-is-a-really-good-thing. And a few of my friends are cranio people. So, instant recipe for failure. I agreed to have something I don’t really want.

So here’s a revolutionary idea when it comes to practice. Do you really want to do that pose? Or are you doing because … you don’t know which poses to do, you want to fit in, you don’t want to upset someone, you think you should like it.

Practice is optional. So, practice what is really you. There’s no simple formula for figuring out what is going to really work, you’ll just have to come along to my workshop next week and figure it out. And of course, I’ll be there to ask you interesting questions and give you support. Or holding your hand while you have a tantrum/sulk/fears. All of which are part of the joys and sorrows of practice.

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