My experience of studying brains/vision with Eyebody

I’ve been studying the Eyebody method for 5 years, going to an annual retreat and taking private sessions a couple of times a year.

The Eyebody method is for those who want to see without glasses or at least that’s what most people who go say they want. Actually, the Eyebody method has evolved from seeing without glasses into a fully-fledged spiritual/religious philosophy and practice. It still has the pragmatic side of needing glasses less and generally improving your vision and co-ordination.

It’s been really good for me, I stopped wearing glasses a while ago and haven’t bothered to even get too worried about not wearing them. I probably should see an optician at some point since my last appointment was 6 years ago, but again, somehow I’m not bothered.

Do I have perfect 20:20 vision after 5 years study with all that time and money? No, I don’t. I have natural eyesight which I’ve come to realise means the same as just having a body. There are days when I’m really fit and active and then there are days when I’m not. Same with my sight.

But I’ve had some experiences that I wouldn’t have had if I didn’t study.

On a recent retreat, I was working in a group of people. I was really paying attention to my intentions, allowing my visual self to be completely centred. And suddenly it was like I was in a Vermeer or Rembrandt painting, all the faces of everyone around me were lit within and I was touched by their essential goodness. It’s like the light itself was breathing.

I had a great experience on the London tube going to a workshop. I was on the District/Circle line from Notting Hill Gate when I noticed the vertical hold bars. They were bright yellow. That yellow seemed to suffuse the whole carriage. I got a little colour stoned. Whoa, so much yellow, so amazing. It was just really pleasant. It wasn’t this great enlightenment experience, it was just really OK.

The one thing I learned that I didn’t know before hand? Just how much creative effort we need to put into the act of seeing if we truly want to improve our vision. Then the fine mesh in our brains becomes denser, springier, easier, more responsive. Then we begin to see clearer because we have more neurons on the job.

The downside?
Dealing with visual reactions means dealing with much faster reactions and a much more powerful and subtle energy. That was hard to get at first, my brain just wasn’t there. It’s taken work to get in touch with these faster rhythms.
Natural vision teachers are few and far between. It takes real commitment to see progress.
I’ve not found the religious/spiritual aspect of the work particularly useful.

But the more I’ve gone into it (this was my 5th time in Wales), the more I get out of it.

It has influenced my teaching and my life in a very positive way.

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