Yoga Workshops and Yoga Classes with Alexander Technique in Manor House, Finsbury Park, London N4, N15, N8

What's the one thing that will bring simplicity and ease to your life right now?

I've had 10 years of working with yoga students and teachers. I use powerful tools like the Alexander Technique, Body Mind Centring and Yoga to help you find simplicity and ease.

Yoga, Alexander Technique and Body mind centring all have long traditions and interesting ways of helping you transform your life by providing you with tools to stay calm and centred even in stressful, difficult or busy times.

Here at Yoga Ground my focus is on helping you to improve the quality of the movements you make in every day life. I want you to feel better running for a bus or working on a computer as well as enjoying the asanas offered in the class room setting.

I want you to be able to find the emotional and mental flexibility to thrive in challenging times as well as the ability to stretch your body.

I've offered one to one lessons as long as I've been teaching yoga. It's often overlooked as a way of gaining experience in yoga. If you're a beginner or are just curious, why not sign up for my 5-lesson one to one series? You’ll get a discount if you pay for them all at once

These articles illustrate some of my thinking on practicing and teaching
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If you want to see what goes on in my workshops, you can read some descriptions about what happened
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My yoga workshops and one to one sessions are within reasonable traveling distance of those living in the N4, N16, N8 and N15 postcodes.

My yoga style is a mixture of Vinyasa Krama (poses linked by flowing movements) and Restorative Yoga (poses which are supported by props to restore energy, health and vitality). I incorporate movement patterns and processes from the Alexander Technique and the developmental patterns of Body Mind Centring, as well as the standard ideas and patterns from yoga.

Yogaground is run by me, Kevin Saunders. I offer lessons in workshops or on a one to one basis.