North London Yoga at Yoga Ground, N4, N15, N8 & N16

Think about a great holiday you’ve had and how relaxed you were while you were on holiday. Yoga is studying how to keep that holiday feeling in every day life.

In yoga you study yourself through movement – that is through the postures or asanas as they are called. You also study yourself through meditation and breathing. Yoga has a long tradition of helping people transform their lives by providing them with tools to stay calm and centred even in difficult or busy times.

You do not need to be super slim, flexible or super fit in order to do yoga. You just need to be willing to learn.

Here at Yoga Ground the focus is on helping to improve the quality of the movements we make in every day life. We want you to feel better running for a bus, reaching up to put the coffee jar back on the top shelf as well as enjoying the asanas offered in the class room setting.

We run regular lessons on Thursday evenings 7.30pm to 9pm. Next beginner class series starts on Thursday 24th April 2014

You can sign up for the April 2014 class here

We also run occasional workshops on Saturday mornings.

Our yoga classes and one to one sessions are within reasonable traveling distance of those living in the N4, N16, N8 and N15 postcodes

Our style is a mixture of Vinyasa Krama (postures linked by flowing movements) and postures held for longer periods where the focus is on alignment of force /weight/energy.

Yoga ground is run by Kevin Saunders. We offer lessons in a class or on a one to one basis.

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07815 797 645

Kevin Saunders

Student testimonials
Best yoga class I've done - and I've tried a few. Got much more out of this class. The small group size means more focus on getting body position right. I'd had neutral wrong for years! Now I feel much more aligned. Thanks!
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